Artist Statement

The most transformative events in the life of an individual or a culture are moments of epiphany born from the realization of ignorance.  These revelations arise; either from discovering a truth that had evaded perception or by accepting fault in that which was once assumed to be faultless.  In either case, the mind is drawn into a nebulous world of meaning as it searches for some new idea upon which to continue forming an understanding of existence.  I try to seduce the mind into the uncertain world; a gray space, outside of definition, that serves as the incubator of new ideas and deeper truths.  Perhaps I draw one’s focus to a small and subtle detail whose previous oversight now enlightens the perceptive act, or maybe I challenge a paradigm of values, or assumed universals so that a familiar object can be seen in a new perspective.  Whatever the technique of cognitive manipulation, the goal is always an attempt to re-address that which can never be addressed enough: our means of making meaning.